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  June 2018 Annual Meeting
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  June 2017 Annual Meeting
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Dr. Barry Levinson swears in the new officers: Anthony Inverno, M.D., President; Michael Fuhrman, M.D., First Vice-President; Anthony Tarasenko, M.D., Secretary/Treasurer; and (not shown) David Worth, M.D., President-Elect Dr. Inverno gives the Presidential Plaque to Dr. Levinson and a bouquet of flowers to Dr. Levinson's wife, Donna
Dr. Levinson congratulates incoming President Dr. Inverno and presents flowers to Dr. Inverno's wife, Joanie  

  MSNJ 2017 Golden Merit Award Ceremony 1966-1967 Med School Grads 
Dr. Maya Sanghavi and Kiran Khandwala  Dr. Barry Levinson, President and Irene Kapsaskis, Exec. Director
Ed Sullivan and Dr. Bessie Sullivan Melissa Sheehy and Dr. Martin Sheehy 
Dr. Andrew Coronato and Paulette Coronato                   Jane Lorber and Dr. Franklin Morrow
Dr. Nicole Saphier testifies at hearing on out-of-network legislation 12/5/16 Larry Downs, CEO, MSNJ, testifies at out-of-network hearing on 12/5/16
MSNJ Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. Toro-Echaque receives MSNJ Lifetime Achievement Award at September 2016 Board meeting
UCMS Annual Meeting, June 2016
Dr. Thomas Aiello (left), outgoing President congratulates the new officers: Dr. David Worth, First Vice President; Dr. Barry Levinson, President; Dr. Anthony Tarasenko, Secretary/Treasurer, and Dr. Anthony Inverno, President-Elect.

Debbie Mullen and Mary Malason (Camden - Burlington MS) and Cathy Johnson (Monmouth - Ocean MS) Dr. Greg Sachs and Barbara Sachs
Ed de Paola, Andrea Donelan (Morris-Sussex MS), Ed Mockavick Irene Kapsaskis (UCMS) and Brian Kern
Dr. Phil Kline and Denise De Santis Dr. Joseph Costabile, President, MSNJ, Mary Malason and Cathy Johnson
Dr. Barry Levinson, President, UCMS, and Irene Kapsaskis, Executive Director Pat Costante and Dr. Paul Hirsch of MDAdvantage
Pat Costante and Dr. Harry Carnes Melinda Martinson, Legal Counsel, MSNJ
Irene Kapsaskis and Dr. Paul Hirsch Dr. Paul Carniol and Renie Carniol
Ed Sullivan and Dr. Bessie Sullivan Dr. Costabile with County Execs Irene, Mary, Cathy and Andrea
Irene Kapsaskis and Jeff Silverman Dr. Ralph Kristeller, Laurie La Mouthe, Kyra Moed and Dr. David Bindelglass 
Dr. Harry Carnes, Dr. Joseph Costabile and Yolanda Costabile Cathy Williams of MDAdvantage and Ed Williams
Dr Ralph Ktisteller received MSNJ's Robert De Groote Award for his contributions to medicine. Dr Bernard Toro-Echague of UCMS is the recipient of MSNJ's Lifetime Achievement Award for service to the organization. He was unable to attend and the award will be given at a later date.